A fairy wand of happiness for little lives

Niamh was an amazing little girl. Much older than her years, worldly wise as though she had been here before!

She was definitely special. She was so beautiful in every way, full of life and full of fun. Always a smile - no matter what! She loved life, she found wonder all around her. She loved everyone. She loved pink. She loved to give. She loved everything magical, but especially she loved fairies.

She truly was the light of our lives. In her short 4 years she has taught us so much, she is our inspiration to carry on. She would be thrilled with her 'fairy wish fund'......bringing smiles to little faces of other children who are sad because of cancer.

On January13th 2008 our lives changed forever. Our beautiful little girl 'Niamh' was diagnosed with a wilms tumour - a rare form of cancer which effects the kidney.

That day was her 3rd birthday, our world simply fell apart. Niamh endured gruelling treatment for almost a year, surgery twice, chemotherapy and then radiotherapy.

She was so brave throughout. A star patient, crossing every hurdle with a smile on her face. Tragically it was not meant to be and on January 7th 2009 Niamh died, at home with her family around her, a totally devastating experience for us. Understandably life will never be the same.